Desktop Machinery

DesktopMachinery is een aanbieder van Professionele 3D printers, CNC machines en Laser snijders. 
De focus ligt voornamelijk op services zoals:

  • Training
  • Onderhoud
  • Installatie 
  • Consultancy

Desktop Machinery is de officiële service partner van Felix & Sprintray 3D printers.

Heeft u advies nodig of wilt u weten wat DesktopMachinery voor u kan betekenen?
Neem dan contact met ons op.


infodesktopmachinery [dot] com




Innovatie, kwaliteit en het constant streven naar verbeteringen zijn onze drijfveren bij Vekashape. Deze dragen bij aan ons succes. Ons team bestaat uit gepassioneerde professionals. Wij staan u graag met raad en daad bij in het 3D printen. Ook op gebied van model preparatie voor 3D printen bent u aan het juiste adres. Hiervoor gebruiken wij Spaceclaim.

Onze 3D printers

3D Printing Strategy

For the last 5 years every time a customer and I had a conversation, we came back to the same underlying problem…and that’s education in the 3D printing space. Information that isn’t skewed by someone’s need to sell machines. Accurate, practical and fairly priced know-how on when and how to use this technology and the processes surrounding it, that’s what 3D Printing Strategy delivers.


Tractus3D is based in the Netherlands (Ammerzoden) and produces delta 3D printers. Unique in the product range are the 3D printers with large build volumes and a 3D printer that can handle high temperature (high performance) materials like PEEK. The large format 3D printer offers customers the freedom to print life-size objects without build volume constraints.

TRUMPF Nederland B.V.

TRUMPF is a leading global high-tech company and produces machine tools, lasers and electronics for industrial applications. TRUMPF also offers a full range of (metal) Additive Manufacturing solutions. TRUMPF technology is used in manufacturing of a wide range of products, from vehicles, buildings and mobile devices to state-of-the-art power and data storage. As an independent family business we think and act on the long term. This is the reason we vouch for innovations for decades in a row.

3D Maastricht BV

3D Maastricht is a 3D innovation full service provider for B2B and Education. Sales & support of 3D hardware, materials, training, design and technical support. Services: 3D fabrication & 3D printing prototyping and quick response manufacturing in small batches. Board and management inspiration sessions, deep dive workshops and business modelling. Our focus is on providing benefits of digitalisation and moreover 3D printing. By understanding the disruptiveness of 3D printing. Introducing innovative ways of creating and capturing value and build on customer-centric value logics.


Oceanz – Your 3D printing professional

Oceanz already has years of professional 3D printing experience. We are very familiar with the market, peers and professionals, based on many practical business cases in various sectors as Medical, Industry, Retail and Aerospace. Oceanz is the first 3D printing company in the Netherlands with an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification.

Oceanz is always looking for new materials, products and techniques. We support our clients in the search for the best use of 3D printing technology and related materials. Developing together with them and we create 3D printing innovations that make the difference in every production.

MakerPoint 3D Concept Stores

A MakerPoint 3D Concept Store is the store for 3D-printers, 3D-scanners, 3D-materials (filaments and resins), 3D-Software and other Maker products. In our stores you can learn all about "making" and try the amazing, innovative maker products on the market. Share your ideas and experiences with other makers. You can find a MakerPoint in Arnhem, Eindhoven, Harlingen, Maastricht and Utrecht.

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