RAP Technologies

RAP Technologies develops industrial manufacturing software with a focus on 3D Concrete Printing. We deliver CADCAM services and software to a diverse range of clients: designers, contractors, manufacturers and production companies in AEC and Industry.


MX3D develops and supplies metal additive software and equipment based on robotic wire arc additive manufactruing (WAAM)


AMbrace is een softwaresysteem dat op het vlak van 3D-printing vertrouwen biedt in eigendom, in kwaliteit, in transacties en de acceptatie van geavanceerde fabricagetechnologieën stimuleert in bestaande industrieën zoals de automobielsector, de ruimtevaart, machinebouw en meer.

De AMbrace secure solution voor gegevensbeheer voor Additive Manufacturing is opgenomen in een reeds bestaand data exchange platform dat momenteel wordt gebruikt door honderden internationale fabrikanten in de auto-, luchtvaart- en verspanende industrie.


With over 10.000 kg of metal 3D printed objects and over 40 man-years of experience since 2014, MX3D is the company that brought large-scale robotic wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) and its market to life and made 3D metal printing more flexible, faster and cheaper. 

Now, MX3D is ready to transform the market further by launching the first dedicated robotic WAAM software enabling companies, engineers and designers to print end-to-end large-scale 3D metal objects in-house.


atum3D connects superior Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology to cost-effective, high quality serial manufacturing capabilities. With proprietary hardware, intelligent software and an open resin platform all designed in-house in the Netherlands from the ground up, our products incorporate properties which rival traditional part production methods.

Thrinno NV

Thrinno provides tailor-made CAD/CAM solutions. Typically new technologies require new software requirements that cannot be solved with existing CAD/ CAM products. That's where we come into play. Thrinno is a motivated team of five software engineers specialised in 3D algorithms.

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