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AM-FLOW delivers building blocks to end-to-end automate your industrial 3D-printing process. As the leading Industry 4.0 technology provider for the Additive Manufacturing industry, we combine expert knowledge in the field of 3D-shape identification, industrial machine vision and AI software, together with the integration of AM production-line hardware and MES software. Specific for the AM Industry is an infinite variety of parts being produced on daily basis, in an high mix AND high volume context (>200 or way more).

Additive Manufacturing Workbench

Wij zijn Additive Manufacturing (AM) Workbench.

Engineering en 3D printen, dat is onze passie. De twee gaan perfect samen maar worden nog (te) weinig in de techniek toegepast. Wij streven ernaar om 3D printen als standaard productietechniek te implementeren binnen uw bedrijf. Met een voortdurend uit te breiden materialenselectie is ons doel de perfecte match tussen situatie en oplossing te zoeken, wat de eisen ook mogen zijn.

Engineering, Application-specific 3D Printing

Printr BV

Printr is a Dutch-based startup created to streamline the 3D printing experience. As a spin-off from the University of Twente, Printr was established in Enschede in 2014 and has expanded to a second office in Amsterdam. Formide was developed to create an ecosystem where people can have a productive and painless experience with their 3D printer. Whether the consumer has design experience or is just beginning to experiment with the wonders of 3D printing, they are able to create fun and useful items on their 3D printer.

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