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AM-FLOW delivers building blocks to end-to-end automate your industrial 3D-printing process. As the leading Industry 4.0 technology provider for the Additive Manufacturing industry, we combine expert knowledge in the field of 3D-shape identification, industrial machine vision and AI software, together with the integration of AM production-line hardware and MES software. Specific for the AM Industry is an infinite variety of parts being produced on daily basis, in an high mix AND high volume context (>200 or way more).


Makerspace TwenSpace

Breng je ontwerpen tot leven!

Ga met lasercutter, 3d printer of foliesnijder zelf aan de slag en ervaar hoe leuk het is om je ontwerp tot leven te brengen. Het is ook mogelijk om ontwerpen door TwenSpace uit te laten werken, informeer naar de mogelijkheden.

Beschikbare apparatuur :

- lasercutter : 60x90cm 80W 

- 3d printers : Prusa MK3 / Ender 3 

- foliesnijder : Silhouette Cameo 3

Parts on Demand

Parts on Demand is the 3D print service of the Vesco Group. With our roots in product development, production and inventing, we are on the frontline of technological development every day. Producing prototypes and small series is part of that and we see an even bigger challenge in optimising production and products. 3D printing offers design opportunities we never believed possible. And, let’s be honest. If you haven’t informed yourself you probably still don’t believe them possible.

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