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K3D maakt 3D metaal printen voordelig voor de Nederlandse industrie. Dat doen we in unieke Printing Technology Centers. In onze Centers krijgt u laagdrempelig toegang tot 3D printkennis en printcapaciteit. U benut maximaal de voordelen van 3D metaal printen, dé nieuwe maaktechnologie.

Bij K3D kunt u naast het printen van 3D producten in onze shop, ook trainingen volgen en samen met ons uw business cases uitwerken.


Cadmes provides software and services for automation of engineering processes and 3D printers. We optimize design and production processes by providing intelligent ICT products (like CAD, CAM, CAE, PDM and PCF), consultancy, training and the best support in the industry. We believe that engineers and managers want to focus on their core business. The engineers in these companies want to focus on what they do best: designing intelligent and innovative products. Cadmes helps them to excel. With enthusiasm for the optimization of engineering processes Cadmes is a reliable partner.

Pezy Group Groningen

We are a hands-on innovation agency
We help you to accelerate innovation by working together in multidisciplinary teams and deliver state-of-the-art innovations from strategy to industrialization and sourcing.

Our large group of over a hundred professionals are the beating heart of our company and represent a wide variety of expertise and competence. We love our work and share the ambition to be the very best at what we do: creating meaningful and well-designed brands, products and equipment.

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