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Founded in 2007, Shapeways is led by folks who've spent most of their careers in startups, and combine serious technical chops with an inspiring vision of what the world could be. We’re bringing together a passionate, dynamic team of game changers. We're having a great time working and playing harder than we ever have in our lives. It doesn’t hurt to know that what we do is changing the future as we know it.

Pezy Group Groningen

We are a hands-on innovation agency
We help you to accelerate innovation by working together in multidisciplinary teams and deliver state-of-the-art innovations from strategy to industrialization and sourcing.

Our large group of over a hundred professionals are the beating heart of our company and represent a wide variety of expertise and competence. We love our work and share the ambition to be the very best at what we do: creating meaningful and well-designed brands, products and equipment.


RapidPrototyping.NL is top 3 prototyper/3d printbedrijf in Nederland.

Ons 3d printer machinepark bestaat uit 3x SLS, 1 x FDM, 1x MSLA, 3x SLA, 4x CNC. Daarnaast realiseren wij kleine series vacuum gegoten onderdelen uit siliconematrijs. Ons moederbedrijf JB Ventures heeft de beschikking over 7 kunststof spuitgietmachines en eigen gereedschapmakerij, en realiseert het gehele traject van idee ot eindprodukt onder één dak in Nijverdal !

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