3D Maastricht BV

3D Maastricht is a 3D innovation full service provider for B2B and Education. Sales & support of 3D hardware, materials, training, design and technical support. Services: 3D fabrication & 3D printing prototyping and quick response manufacturing in small batches. Board and management inspiration sessions, deep dive workshops and business modelling. Our focus is on providing benefits of digitalisation and moreover 3D printing. By understanding the disruptiveness of 3D printing. Introducing innovative ways of creating and capturing value and build on customer-centric value logics.

3D Medical Expo & 3D Printing Conferences - 26/27 januari 2016 - MECC Maastricht

3D Printing Changes Healthcare.

3D-printing technology can reduce operating time, lower risks from errors or complications, and produce better outcomes for patients through the use of 3D-printed surgical models and tools, as well in the dental- as medical field.

3D Medical Expo is a dedicated and focused business and research platform, unique in bringing together European and global companies from the entire 3D Medical supply chain with customers, end-users, developers and researchers.


Founded in 2007, Shapeways is led by folks who've spent most of their careers in startups, and combine serious technical chops with an inspiring vision of what the world could be. We’re bringing together a passionate, dynamic team of game changers. We're having a great time working and playing harder than we ever have in our lives. It doesn’t hurt to know that what we do is changing the future as we know it.

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