K3D maakt 3D metaal printen voordelig voor de Nederlandse industrie. Dat doen we in unieke Printing Technology Centers. In onze Centers krijgt u laagdrempelig toegang tot 3D printkennis en printcapaciteit. U benut maximaal de voordelen van 3D metaal printen, dé nieuwe maaktechnologie.

Bij K3D kunt u naast het printen van 3D producten in onze shop, ook trainingen volgen en samen met ons uw business cases uitwerken.

Additive Center

Finding and applying the added value of Additive Manufacturing within companies. That's what we do. And our mission is to make you successfull with it.

Our expertise focuses on production companies that are aware they should get started with 3D printing, but need support in doing so. Our support is always focused on result, therefore we've broken down the process of getting started with 3D printing into small consecutive steps. All of the steps directly add value for your company. The process roughly looks as follows:

Modec Tooling & Prototyping

Modec Tooling & Prototyping is a fast growing, innovative manufacturer of prototype and small series tools, parts and models. We offer the following services; modelling, design, engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing, value and reverse engineering, milling, parts production. We are the 1-stop-shop for your product.

Modec has proven to be a reliable partner for a wide range of clients in the following industries; automotive, plastics, composites, foundries, attraction/leisure, artistic and more.


De B.V. byFlow ontwikkelt, bouwt en verkoopt speciale 3Dprinters. Februari 2015 kwam de Focus op de markt, 's werelds eerste opvouwbare multimaterial 3D-printer. Naast de bekende plastic filamenten print deze ook biorubber, woodfill, siliconen, keramiek, bronsklei, glasklei en voedsel. Deze printer is ontwikkeld op basis van 5 jaren ervaring met diverse doelgroepen in FabLab Maastricht. Dankzij twee eenvoudig te wisselen printkoppen kan iedereen een breed scala aan materialen printen en zelf experimenteren met nieuwe materialen.

Thrinno NV

Thrinno provides tailor-made CAD/CAM solutions. Typically new technologies require new software requirements that cannot be solved with existing CAD/ CAM products. That's where we come into play. Thrinno is a motivated team of five software engineers specialised in 3D algorithms.

Fontys Centre of Expertise Hightech Systems & Materials

Fontys CoE HTSM (Objexlab) verricht toegepast onderzoek op gebied van 3D printen. Focus ligt hierbij op ontwikkelen en overdragen van kennis op gebied van 3d printen (SLM, FDM, 3DP, SLA) voor toepassing in hightech machine- en apparatenbouw. Hiertoe beschikken wij over een goed geoutilleerd laboratorium met ca. 17 printers, 3D scanners, software (o.a. FEM, topologie optimalisatie), apparatuur voor post-processing en testapparatuur (o.a. trekbanken, microscopie). 

3D Printing Strategy

For the last 5 years every time a customer and I had a conversation, we came back to the same underlying problem…and that’s education in the 3D printing space. Information that isn’t skewed by someone’s need to sell machines. Accurate, practical and fairly priced know-how on when and how to use this technology and the processes surrounding it, that’s what 3D Printing Strategy delivers.

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