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BAAT Medical

Development of Medical Devices from concept to regulatory approval for the industry worldwide: Multinationals, distrubutors, start-ups or patient specific devices for hospitals

Over 10 years experience with development and production of SLM Titanium, Stainless steel and Cobalt Chrome printed implants and instruments for Orthopedics and Trauma.

colorFabb BV

colorFabb is your trusted partner where it comes to innovative and reliable 3D printing solutions. We offer innovative and functional 3D printing filaments, as well as application development and solution-based services. The colorFabb team is made up of dedicated professionals who are here to help you. Established in 2013, the colorFabb brand has been recognized as one of the frontrunners in the 3D printing  industry. Our company is built on a few solid principles: delivery of high quality solutions, meet our customers' needs and aim for the highest customer satisfaction.

Eindhoven University of Technology | Mechanics of Materials

Mechanics of Materials

Modelling of material-processing-structure-property relation for mono-material 3DP & multi-materials. Predictive modelling of 3D printing for first-time-right manufacturing. Mechanical metamaterials.

| Meta-materials | Metals | Polymers | Multi-materials | Ceramics | Composites | Printed electronics |

| Predictive modelling  | Material property evolution | Structural properties | Interfaces |

Poly Products

Poly Products biedt u complete oplossingen in composiet; van productidee tot realisatie. U kunt vertrouwen op de onze jarenlange kennis, ervaring en professionaliteit. 

Printen op grote schaal biedt ongekende mogelijkheden voor alle sectoren. Of het nu gaat om eindproducten voor uw project, of mallen en productkernen voor de composietindustrie, waar wij als Poly Products al 51 jaar specialist in zijn, met de mogelijkheden van CFAM Prime is elke vorm te maken. Door gebruik te maken van vezelversterking ín de print wordt veel extra sterkte toegevoegd.


MX3D develops and supplies metal additive software and equipment based on robotic wire arc additive manufactruing (WAAM)

Modec Tooling & Prototyping

Modec Tooling & Prototyping is a fast growing, innovative manufacturer of prototype and small series tools, parts and models. We offer the following services; modelling, design, engineering, 3D scanning, 3D printing, value and reverse engineering, milling, parts production. We are the 1-stop-shop for your product.

Modec has proven to be a reliable partner for a wide range of clients in the following industries; automotive, plastics, composites, foundries, attraction/leisure, artistic and more.

Machinefabriek de Valk

The de Valk machine factory is a dynamic organisation established in Valkenswaard, close to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We are specialised in the production of mechanical components in all common steel types, non-ferrous metals and plastics, as well as the full production and assembly of modules and machines. Furthermore, the de Valk machine factory has the capacity and the expertise to offer a broad range of additional services such as hardening, anodising, nickel plating, sheet metal work and engineering.

Luxexcel NV

Luxexcel is the only company in the world which can 3D print ophthalmic lenses. The company started in 2009 and has fully optimized its 3D print technology for the ophthalmic market. The unique and highly accurate technology allows manufacturing lenses without the need for polishing. Luxexcel enables the launch of new and unique products and services to the ophthalmic industry.

Revamo bv Meppel

Revamo is specialist in het ontwikkelen van slijtage oplossingen voor allerlei onderdelen. Om tot de best mogelijke oplossing te komen, werken wij intensief met de klant samen. Met al onze kennis en ervaring, bieden wij slijtage oplossingen die in vele verschillende industrieën toepasbaar zijn.
Elk probleem is anders, Revamo heeft dan ook verschillende processen waarmee slijtage oplossingen geboden worden. Zo beschikken wij over alle gangbare vlamspuitprocessen, lasercladden en machinale bewerkingen.

CyBe Construction

CyBe Construction (also known as CyBe) is a tech company for the construction industry based in the Netherlands. Redefining traditional approaches through far-reaching automation and digitalization. This is enhanced through enabling 3D concrete printing and parametric design tools which are made accessible for all clients. They develop and sell hardware such as 3D printers, fast setting sustainable material (CyBe Mortar - developed with their partner Korodur GmbH), as well as software to simplify the complex building processes.

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