2FIX Automatisering

2FIX Automatisering is een 3D en computer service bedrijf.

Naast verkoop, onderhoud en reparatie van computers en laptops bieden we verschillende 3D printing services aan.

  • Verkoop van 3D printers

  • Verkoop van 3D Printer onderdelen en benodigdheden

  • 3D Scan

  • 3D printing service

We bieden onze service tegen intressante prijzen voor particulier als bedrijven.


Onze printservice draait op de printers en materialen die door Fiberneering zelf ontwikkeld zijn. Het proces, een combinatie van SLA en DLP, maakt gebruik van vloeibare harsen die onder UV licht uitharden. Het is het meest efficiënte 3D printproces voor gedetailleerde producten groter dan 100mm. Hierbij kunt u denken aan maquettes, modellen, prototypes en mallen voor verschillende toepassingen.

Parts on Demand

Parts on Demand is the 3D print service of the Vesco Group. With our roots in product development, production and inventing, we are on the frontline of technological development every day. Producing prototypes and small series is part of that and we see an even bigger challenge in optimising production and products. 3D printing offers design opportunities we never believed possible. And, let’s be honest. If you haven’t informed yourself you probably still don’t believe them possible.


dddrop makes professional 3D printing accessible to various companies and industries. dddrop is manufacturer of high quality 3D printers, made with only one goal in mind: 100% customer satisfaction.

3D Printing Strategy

For the last 5 years every time a customer and I had a conversation, we came back to the same underlying problem…and that’s education in the 3D printing space. Information that isn’t skewed by someone’s need to sell machines. Accurate, practical and fairly priced know-how on when and how to use this technology and the processes surrounding it, that’s what 3D Printing Strategy delivers.


FlexForm ondersteunt de creatieve sector op het geboed van 3D modellen door middel van 3D scannen en het aken van modellen. Daarnaast gebruikt het haar netwerk om het vervolgens ook daadwerkelijk fysiek te maken


Tractus3D is based in the Netherlands (Ammerzoden) and produces delta 3D printers. Unique in the product range are the 3D printers with large build volumes and a 3D printer that can handle high temperature (high performance) materials like PEEK. The large format 3D printer offers customers the freedom to print life-size objects without build volume constraints.

TRUMPF Nederland B.V.

TRUMPF is a leading global high-tech company and produces machine tools, lasers and electronics for industrial applications. TRUMPF also offers a full range of (metal) Additive Manufacturing solutions. TRUMPF technology is used in manufacturing of a wide range of products, from vehicles, buildings and mobile devices to state-of-the-art power and data storage. As an independent family business we think and act on the long term. This is the reason we vouch for innovations for decades in a row.

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